No facial routine is complete without sunscreen — it's an absolute must, especially if you're stepping out into the sun on the regular.

Why use Korean sunscreen?

Korean facial sunscreens do a lot more than 'just' protect your skin from the sun — they're packed with premium ingredients that provide targeted skincare benefits for both immediate and long-term results. In short, they nourish and protect your skin. No skincare routine is truly complete without this crucial step, and trust us, the options you'll find at MiiN are some of the best on the market thanks to their cutting-edge formulas.

Types of sunscreens you’ll find

Your secret weapon against the sun's rays comes in three different formats!

  • Sun cream: Imagine a sun cream that slides on like a dream, creating a protective UV barrier while also pampering your skin. This isn't just a sunscreen — it's a hydrating, nourishing treat that leaves your skin looking glowing and healthy.
  • Mineral sunscreen: Experience the purity and efficacy of mineral sunscreen. Designed for sensitive skin, this type of formula acts like a reflective shield that bounces back the sun's harmful rays. The best part? Thanks to Korean skincare advances, mineral sunscreens now leave much less of a white cast.
  • Sunscreen stick: Talk about convenience! This portable stick format is perfect for precise application and quick touch-ups wherever you go. Simply swipe the stick over your skin for instant protection. It's ideal for sun-filled adventures or active days outdoors.
  • Protect, nourish and take care of your skin with our extensive range of sunscreens. Whichever you choose, you're one step closer to healthy, glowing skin.
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