Considering how impressive Korean skincare products are, just imagine the potential of a Korean hair care routine! Browse, purchase and add to your wishlist the best products to take care of your locks.

Discover your new favourite shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair treatment routines.

¿Cuál es la rutina perfecta para el cabello?

At MiiN, we believe that the best routine, whether it's for your face, body or hair, is always the one that suits your unique needs. In our Hair section, you'll find different types of hair products, Korean hair care routines and treatments tailored to you. Does your hair tend to get greasy throughout the day? Are you struggling with excessive hair loss? Have you noticed a lack of shine in your locks? Understanding your hair type will help you create your ideal hair care routine, following the Korean approach!

Cómo cuidan el cabello en Corea - rutina coreana capilar

Did you know that, in Korea, double cleansing is also a part of their hair care routine? In fact, it's quite common to find pre-wash or exfoliating products designed to be used before shampooing. This approach helps stimulate the scalp without causing any damage, ensures that the hair follicles are thoroughly cleansed, and increases the absorption of other products such as hair masks or special treatments, making them more effective. Explore the range of Korean hair care products and tailor them to your needs!

What kind of hair products will you find at MiiN?

  • A Shampoo: Always tailored to your scalp type.
  • Conditioners and masks: Leaving your hair smoother and shinier than ever.
  • Treatments and routines: These allow you to deeply nourish and address your hair's specific concerns using Korea's breakthrough formulas. You'll not only find a variety of product types, but also insights into caring for your hair the Korean way.

The most popular hair products at MiiN

  • AWithout a doubt, Rated Green's Cold Press Avocado Nourishing Scalp mask is a MiiN favourite. It's the most nourishing mask and is highly recommended for extremely damaged, dry or stressed hair.
  • Oily scalp, dry ends'. If that's you, Rated Green's Cold Brew Rosemary Balancing Scalp mask offers an ingenious solution to this common problem with its nourishing formula.
  • Gently exfoliating the scalp can promote hair growth and reduce dandruff. BHA & Ginger Refreshing Shampoo contains exfoliating acids in its formula. This shampoo bar is very convenient to carry on you and an added sustainability bonus that those with oilier hair types will love.

The best products to start a hair care routine

  • A Real Shea Butter Nourishing Shampoo: With shea butter as its key ingredient, this large shampoo will quickly become your go-to for conditioning your locks.
  • Real Mary Purifying Scalp Scaler: Want to start exfoliating your scalp? Start with this scalp scaler from Rated Green. You'll feel the difference.
  • Real Shea Anti-Frizz Hydrating Hair Lotion: An excellent choice if your hair tends to frizz easily. It's a leave-in conditioner that's as easy to apply as it is to fall in love with the results.
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