Few things are as flattering and subtle as a face highlighter. A little glow never hurts, right? It's time to fill the face with light.

In Korea, where they're big fans of natural makeup, they love highlighters, and at MiiN you can find some of their favorites. Discover them and illuminate your face to glow like never before.

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What is a highlighter and how can it emphasize my face?

As the name suggests, you could say that it's a make-up that makes the skin glow, and that's true, but it's much more than that! A highlighter reflects light to brighten and emphasize your features, giving your face more vitality.

The highlighter is your perfect ally when it comes to getting that natural glow we all love so much. It's a delicate but very flattering make-up that, once you've tried it, you won't want to go without!

Where do I apply my highlighter?

Highlighter is a very easy make-up to apply, but it is important to know the key areas of the face where to apply it in order to maximize its flattering effect.

  • Cheeks: the area par excellence for highlighter. By applying it to this part of the face, you can visually emphasize your cheekbones and achieve a great lifting effect.
  • Eye area: If you want to emphasize your eyes, you can apply the highlighter to different parts of the eye area, e.g. the tear trough and the center of the eyelid.
  • Jaw area: Try applying highlighter to this part of the face, you'll be surprised!
  • And don't forget to use highlighter on the bridge and tip of the nose to give it a higher and more sculpted look. Experiment to your heart's desire and discover what makes you glow.

What type of highlighter is suitable for me?

From nude to pure glitter, there are highlighters in different shades and textures to suit every taste, so you're sure to find the right highlighter for your skin.

Not sure which format to choose? We can help you!

  • Powder highlighter: If you're a fan of classic blush, this highlighter is for you. It's easy to apply and is ideal for mixed or oily skin that usually prefers powder rather than a creamy texture.
  • Cream highlighter: Its creamy texture makes it a favorite for dry skin. It's usually available in stick or compact form so you can take it with you at all times!
  • Liquid highlighter: We love the way it blends into the face. It leaves a juicy effect, which we especially love on dry or mature skin.

How do I apply the highlighter, do I need accessories?

If you're wondering whether to apply highlighter before or after foundation, your doubts are now history, because now we'll explain it to you!

We recommendapplying the highlighter as the last step after applying the BB cream or cushion and blush, as it is the finishing touch for a radiant complexion. However, if you have it in liquid form, you can apply it before make-up to create a subtly glowing base.

Depending on the type of highlighter you've chosen (and what you're most comfortable with), you should use a brush, a sponge or simply your fingers to apply the highlighter to the desired areas.

Now that you know all the tricks, are you ready to achieve a Korean glow?

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