We at MiiN love to take care of you, and that means bringing you the best cosmetics. We offer high-quality products from over 30 brands for you to choose from. Check them out and find which ones best meet the specific needs of your own skin to give your facial skincare routine a makeover. What are you waiting for?

What is a cosmetic?

A product must meet three criteria in order to be considered a cosmetic: it must be a substance or mixture, it must be applied to the superficial parts of the body, teeth or oral mucous membranes, and its exclusive or main function must be that of cleansing, fragrancing, etc. This must also be clearly stated on the packaging.

What to bear in mind when buying cosmetic products

Our consumer habits have changed over time, and whereas we used to go straight to a physical shop, we now tend to buy online. Here are a few tips for a successful purchase:

  • Know your skin: the most important thing is to know your skin type and what it needs. This will help you make the right choice when shopping, from the most basic products to the most targeted ones.
  • Stay up to date and make conscious purchases: sometimes we want to get the latest product that's going viral, but is it suitable for your skin type and does it meet all your needs?
  • Shop safely: choose websites or distributors that guarantee the quality of each product. Most importantly, make sure that they meet all the requirements of the United Kingdom in order to be marketed.

Cosmetics available from MiiN

When browsing the MiiN website you will notice that we have a wide variety of cosmetics that we've grouped into three categories to help narrow down your search:

Does MiiN offer the right products for my skin type?

The answer is yes. We offer over 400 cosmetic products from over 30 different brands. That's why it's important to know exactly what your skin needs in order to choose the most suitable products for you and tailor your skincare routine to the needs of your particular skin type:

Cosmetic brands available from MiiN

Facial cosmetics brands:

Cosmetic brands for the face, body and hair:

MiiN's own brands:

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