Micellar water

Want to remove make-up in the easiest, most convenient way possible? Then micellar water is the cleanser for you. No fuss: this fabulous fluid will help you remove impurities without rubbing for the facial cleanse your skin deserves.

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Calming Clean Water
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Calming Clean Water

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Are micellar water and toner the same thing? · Korean Routine

Micellar water and toner may seem similar but they’re very different: micellar water "traps" facial dirt, cleansing and purifying in the process, while toner soothes and hydrates the skin. That’s why micellar water is usually part of the actual facial cleansing process, whereas toning is a post-cleansing step to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Korean micellar water for sensitive skin

We recommend Juice to Cleanse Calming Clean Water, which features a skin-friendly neutral pH, lots of hydrating natural extracts and no added fragrance.

Formulated with ingredients such as aloe vera and jasmine extract, it's ideal for soothing the skin and strengthening its barrier function.

How do you use Korean micellar water?

Apply micellar water with a cotton wool pad: just soak the pad and apply it first to the most troublesome areas - with heavy make-up or where you need to use the most - then gently massage and discard. There’s no need to rinse: the beauty of this type of cleanser is that dirt sticks to the formula quickly without the need to emulsify with water.

In which step of the Korean routine should you apply micellar water?

As a product that effectively cleanses the skin, micellar water should be used during the oil-based cleanser or make-up remover step of the Korean double-cleansing routine. After your micellar water, simply continue with your water-based cleanser. That's how they do it in Korea!

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