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Together with a thorough cleanse and a super moisturising night cream, night serums are at the heart of your evening routine, acting on your skin while you sleep and providing all the benefits of their formulas. There’s something for all skin types, including night serums with anti-ageing retinol, exfoliating acids for dull skin, and moisturising ingredients to regenerate the skin. Find your fave and use it consistently for immediate visible results.

No matter what you're looking for, you’ll find the best facial serums for your skincare routine at MiiN. Treat yourself and your skin to the ultimate night treatment.

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Which facial serums should you use at night? How are they different to day serums?

As the names suggest, the difference between day and night serums is the time of day we recommend you apply them to get the most out of their ingredients and prevent irritation. For example, sunscreen isn’t recommended in the evening because you need it during the day! The same goes for exfoliating or anti-ageing night serums: since retinol and exfoliating acids can react when exposed to the sun, we always recommend applying them before bed in the evening and using sunscreen the next morning after thoroughly cleansing your skin.

However, some formulas contain ingredients that you can use both day and night, such as hydrating, soothing or repairing serums.

Can you use a night serum every day in your facial routine?

Yes, you can use a serum every evening as part of your night-time skincare ritual, but you should keep in mind your skin type, its needs and the ingredients in the night serum itself. Some formulas contain intensive treatment active ingredients that can irritate your skin if you don't let it "rest" throughout the week.

Popular in night serums, ingredients such as retinol require the skin to get used to it, while serums with exfoliating acids, and exfoliants in general, are not recommended for daily use. If you always want to use a night serum in your routine, we recommend choosing regenerating and repairing formulas that can be applied daily, such as Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop.

Top 3 effective anti-ageing night serums with retinol

Best anti-blemish and regenerating night serums

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